We adopt different approaches and use methods depending on the context, realities, and preferences of the client and its partners. One approach to organization/institution development involves setting a vision, mission, goal, and strategy followed by an organization development plan. Another approach involves situation analysis, options identification and analysis, strategy selection, and development of a change management plan.

Sometimes, the process starts with some already identified organizational/institutional gaps. At other times, the client wants to ensure that a new initiative (theme, activity, technology, system, strategy, structure, and staff) is firmly embedded in its existing environment. At times organizations also look for appropriate ways of restructuring themselves. A comprehensive and integrated model of organizational analysis and development covering the organization’s strategies/policies, structures, systems, and staff is used in the process. Appropriate state-of-the-art tools are used. The process identifies areas for tailor-made capacity building.

The capacity-building support in any of the above thematic areas covers one or more of the following outputs depending on the requirements and client choices:

  • Development and institutionalization of new strategy/policy, structure, and/or system
  • Staff training including training of (master) trainers on specific themes or on generic skills
  • Design and implementation of integrity systems in community infrastructure/civil works
  • Support in fair and merit-based staff recruitment and selection
  • Design of competitive staff compensation package
  • Development of manuals, implementation guidelines, or directives