Organisation Development, Capacity Building, and Training


Year Client Name Title of the Assignment
2019 USAID Nepal Training on mainstreaming GESI in planning, budgeting for and delivering essential health service
2018 UNFPA Bangladesh Training on gender, VAWG and SRHR for Labour Inspectors and finalisation of draft GBV strategy of MOLE
2017-2018 USAID Nepal PAHAL Programme Mid Term Review
2016-2018 UNFPA Bangladesh/BGMEA Preparation of SOP/training module on combating gender-based violence for the Bangladesh Police and Bangladesh Garment and Manufacturers Exporters Association
2016-2019 Royal Norwegian Embassy, Kathmandu Project Management support to Inter-Party Women Alliance (IPWA)
2017 UNFPA, Bangladesh Development of Training Module for the Labour Inspectors of Ministry of Labour and Employment (MOLE), Bangladesh and Develop a Gender Based Violence Strategy for MoLE.
2017 Japanese Red Cross Society Nepal Training on Project Cycle Management
2017 World Wildlife Fund WWF Nepal Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to Conservation: orientations and guideline preparation
2017 WFP Nepal Gender analysis for programme formulation
2017 Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal GESI Framework Preparation and Launching
2017 OXFAM Gender Analysis and Gender Integrated Planning Training
2017 Child Fund Japan Leadership, Supervision and Team Building Training
2017 UNDP Nepal Training UNDP staff on Common GESI Framework of IDPG and facilitate road map for application
2017 ADB-TA-8311 REG Enhancing Gender Equality Results in South Asia Developing Member Countries (Phase 2)
2016 International Development Partners Group (IDPG), GESI Sub-Group (through SDC) A Common Framework on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion for IDPG
2016 ADB Nepal Preparation of the Guidelines for mainstreaming Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in the transport infrastructure sub-sector
2016 WWF-Nepal/RV Consultancy/MFA Finland Orientation on Human Rights Based Approach for WWF Nepal staffs
2016 Department of Hydrology and Meteorology/Government of Nepal Development of Institutional Framework and Organizational Structure of DHM
2016 Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy DIPD-Danish Embassy Kathmandu Preparation of Training Manual: “Guide for Strengthening Political Parties at Local Level”
2016 UNOPS/DfID  Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and Training & Development (T&D) Strategy for Nepal Police
2016 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)-American Red Cross  GESI Training for Nepal Delegation Staff 
2016 UN-Women Staff capacity development on GESI 
2016 DAI Global, (PAANI/USAID Project)  Facilitation of team building workshop
2015-16 UNDP Nepal  Developed and conducted 360-degree feedback and personality assessment for the core staff
2015 UNFPA-Bangladesh Integration of GBV in Labour Inspection and developing systems to address GBV in Factories in Bangladesh
2015 Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) Strengthening Voice and Accountable Governance in the Mithila Belt of Madhesh/Terai
2015 The Asia Foundation Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy and Capacity Development Plan preparation
2015 Asian Development Bank (ADB) Prepared Integrated Development Plan for Bigger Municipalities
2015 Karnali Employment Programme/Oxford Policy Management Asia Updating project organogram and terms of reference for project staff
2014-2015 Sustainable Access to Finance and Livelihood (SAFAL), Sammriddha Pahad Project/DFID Design of Training Curriculum on Small Livestock, Dairy and Vegetable Cultivation
2014-15 Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) Strengthening Gender Equality and Women’ s Empowerment in Political Parties in Nepal 
2014 Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE)/ILO Workshop on Revision of Foreign Employment Act 2064
2014 Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO)  Report Writing Training 
2014 Asian Distillery Nepal Improvement in Performance Management System 
2014 Department of Civil Service Personnel Records (DoCPR)/

 Embassy of Switzerland

Preparation of Diversity Profile of Civil Personnel 2013
2014 NIrdhan Utthan Bank Recruited and selected professional staffs
2014 MEDEP/UNDP A five-year periodic plan and strategic development plan in different districts 
2014 Local Bodies Fiscal Commission  Prepare synthesis of MCPM reports of all DDCs
2014 International Labour Organisation (ILO) Concept Paper development on Women and Youth for descent employment
2014 Asian Development Bank (ADB) Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women 
2014 Asian Development Bank (ADB) Enhancing Gender Equality Results in South Asia Developing Member Countries – Phase II
2014 Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) Enhanced Access to Justice of Rural Women in Selected Terai Districts
2014 UNFPA/Bangladesh Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and training modules on GBV issues for Police 
2014 Child Fund Japan Training on Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation 
2014 PREPARE/UNDP Assessment study on staff training needs of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) 
2014 Prepare/UNDP Assessment study on Staff Training needs of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) 
2011- 2013 ESP/UKAid Support for Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in ESP and Partner Organizations
2012-2013 Roads Department Nepal Preparation of business plan for up-gradation of Geo-Environment and Social Unit
2012-2013 INCLUDE/GIZ Analysis of gender and social inclusion status and preparation of a guideline for mainstreaming
2012 UNFPA/Afghanistan Population Situational Analysis of Afghanistan (Gender section)
2011 UNFPA Indonesia  Developing Work plan of Gender Theme Group, Gender-transformative programming for Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Gender Based Violence in Indonesia
2010 UNFPA Maldives Mainstreaming gender in the UNDAF for UN Maldives and in Country Program of UNFPA Maldives and in Strategic Framework of Government of Maldives
2012 Nepal Staff Administration College, ESP/DFID,  Training of Trainers on Inclusive Governance: GESI mainstreaming in Accountability, Responsiveness and Integrity
2012 ADB Nepal Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)-mainstreaming in Country Partnership Strategy (CPS)
2011-2013 MoHP, Nepal Health Sector Support Program, Options/DFID Nepal Institutionalization of GESI in Ministry of Health and Population (as part of pooled TA support to MoHP managed by Options Consultancy Services Ltd)
2012-2013 Swiss contact, ESP/DfID Fair and merit-based staff recruitment services 
2011-2012 National Women Commission Nepal  Preparation of a concept note on Women and Environment
2000-2012 FEDO, ECPAT, ESP/DfID, RTI/DgfID, NUBL, TRPAP/UNDP, ILO’s Sustainable Elimination of Bonded Labor in Nepal, SCF-USA partners, GTZ/DFID, and IDE Staff training including training of (master) trainers.  The training courses cover a wide range of subjects/thematic areas such as: gender and social inclusion mainstreaming; logical framework, results-based management, monitoring and evaluation, conflict-sensitive program management, proposal and report writing, organization development and human resource management, generic training, facilitation and participatory techniques, leadership and communication, and livelihoods and enterprise development.
2011 MoPPW, ADB  Enhancing Gender Equality Results in South Asia Developing Member Countries Phase II (Subproject I)
2011 Alternative Energy Promotion Centre/Energy Sector Assistance Program (ESAP), SNV Guidelines for Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Mini-grid rural electrification component
2011 Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd Nepal Organization restructuring 
2011 ILO 169, ILO Country Office, Nepal Training Tool kits Design – ILO 169 – Rights of Indigenous Community 
2010 Amnesty International Nepal (AIN) and DFID Nepal Management Audit and Management Review for Organization Development
2010 MoPPW, ADB Nepal Developing GESI Mainstreaming Guidelines for MoPPW, GoN
2010 Australia-Indonesia Partnership (HCPI/AusAid, Kathmandu.  Designed and implemented two training courses on “Organization Development” and “Translating Policy into Work Plan” for Indonesian government and NGO staffs involved in HIV/AIDS control.
2007-2009 Technical Support Facility (IPPF_UNAIDS) Implemented capacity building initiatives entitled “Managing a professional HIV and AIDS consulting business” for consultants from the Asia Pacific and South Asia Regions in Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal.
2004-2009 NPC/GoN, DFID-ESP, LFP, MFSC/GON; UNFPA-CST; SDC/IUCN/NARMSAP  Development and institutionalization of new strategy/policy, structure, and/or system on gender and social inclusion mainstreaming and monitoring
2000-2009 Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal, NEFEJ, CARE Nepal, Plan Nepal, UNFPA Country Office; VBDRTC/EHP-USAID; Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd, General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP)/FHI-USAID; Small Farmers’ Development Bank Ltd./GTZ, DfID-Nepal Development and institutionalization of new strategy/policy, structure, and/or systemand360 degree performance appraisal and reporting
1995-2009 SwissContact-Nepal, ESP/DfID; Care Nepal, Plan Nepal; BISEP-ST/SNV; BIWMP/EU; FHI/USAID; PSI/USAID; EHP-USAID; CLPN, NUKCEP, NPLAP/DfID; PHCP, IFSP/GTZ; SDC; MEDEP/UNDP; UNDP; USC-Canada, JWDC/IRIS Center of Maryland University of USA and other private and civil society organizations Support in fair and merit based staff recruitment and selection and design of competitive staff compensation package
1995-2009 WaterAid Nepal, ILO, Care Nepal, Plan Nepal NUBL, FNCCI–PRODEC; Makalu-Barun Project, LDTA, UNICEF/UNDP, KBIRD; IDE, LFP/DFID: Development of manual, implementation guidelines or best practice documents
2008 UNDP Pacific Center, Fiji Course Writing for Early Warning and Conflict Prevention for Pacific Institute of Peace and Development (PIPAD)
2002-2008 Swisspeace Foundation, Geneva Early Warning and Fact Finding of Tensions (FAST) Information management on peace and conflict situation in selected locations of Nepal
2006 WFP-Cambodia Critical review of currentFood-for-Work Program systems and design of new systems for better accountability, transparency and efficiency.
2006 OHCHR, FAHAMU, UNSSC Actors for Change Project, three training courses on Conflict Prevention (Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Europe and Anglophone Africa)
1998 CEFE Network Project/GTZ South Africa Strengthened training capabilities in the CEFE methodology of Stutterheim Business Advisory Centre and Beehive Entrepreneurial Centre and designed and implemented two entrepreneurship courses.


Project Appraisal, Monitoring & Evaluation, Baseline and Impact Study

Year Client Name Title of the Assignment
2019 ADB Support Project Completion Report of Establishing Women and Children Service Centres
2019 World Bank Group-Nepal  Country Opinion Survey for Nepal
2019 Power Transmission and Distribution System Strengthening Project, ADB Poverty reduction and social strategy energy access situation from GESI perspective
2018-2019 NRM/ADB Consultation meetings in all seven provinces and Kathmandu in process of preparation of Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) 2020 -2024
2018 – 2019 IOD PARC/DFID Leave No One Behind (LNOB) review of Disaster Resilience Portfolio of DFID Nepal.
2019 IOD PARC/DFID KPMG Assessment of CPA approach – BRACED Nepal
2018 ADB Endline Survey of Establishing Women and Children Service Centres
2018 The World Bank Group Nepal Public Consultation meetings for Country Partnership Framework (CPF)
2018 World Bank Nepal GESI assessment to inform the Country Partnership Framework
2017-2018 Mercy Corp/USAID Mid- term Evaluation of Promoting Agriculture Livelihood Program
2017-2018 USAID/ Nepal Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Mid Term Review, Zero Tolerance: GBV Free Schools in Nepal
2017 Child Fund Japan Nepal Office Evaluation of emergency response programme
2017 The Embassy of Denmark Nepal Mid Term Review of governance Facility
2017 World Bank Group Nepal Public Consultation & SMS Polling – Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for Nepal
2016-2018 DFID-SAWGP-Monitoring and Evaluation Facility  GESI Adviser, Monitoring and Evaluation of South Asia Water Governance Programme
2016-2017 CAMRIS International Inc/USAID Nepal Review application of GESI approaches and frameworks in Nepal
2017 Nepal Madhesh Foundation  Strengthening Voice for Accountable Governance in Mithila Belt of Terai/Madhesh
2017 ICIMOD End-line data collection and Impacts Assessment of Himalica   Pilots in Udayapur and Taplejung
2016 Transparency International Nepal Royal Norwegian Embassy Nepal Mid-term Review of “Building National Integrity in Nepal (BNIN) Project”
2016 Transparency International/Royal Norwegian Embasy Nepal Mid-term Review of “Building National Integrity in Nepal Project”
2016 Australian Embassy Nepal Mid-term review of Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP) Nepal
2016 Inclusive Rural Development Project in Nawalparasi (IRDN)KECC-KOICA-Nepal Management and technical support to Baseline Survey in Nawalparasi District
2016 World Bank Group-Nepal  Country Opinion Survey for Nepal
2016 Embassy of Switzerland Nepal Gender and Social Inclusion study for the GESI Brickwork/SIAG
2016 Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) –Governance Facility Annual Review of Strengthening Voice and Accountable Governance in the Mithila Belt of Madhesh/Terai
2016 LGCDP – Government of Nepal/UNDP Review and preparation of MCPM in sector for DDC,Municipalities and VDCs  
2016 Child Fund Japan CFJ Program review
2016 Inclusive Rural Development Project in Nawalparasi (IRDN)KECC-KOICA-Nepal In-depth Needs Analysis and technical support in carrying out Baseline Study
2016 Nepal MSFP/LTS International Limited/DfID Preparation of synthesis papers on lessons learnt and effectiveness of Nepal Multi-Stakeholders Forestry Programme
2014-2015 MoHP/NHSSP/Options Inc/DfID Carried out social audit process evaluation in selected districts of Nepal
2015 MoHP/NHSSP/Options Inc/DfID Carried out evaluation of social service unit initiative of the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal
2015 ECPAT Luxembourg-Nepal Carried out FINAL EVALUATION of the project”Reducing Risk of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation among children in Nepal” and APSARA project
2015 Mary Hobley& Associate + Dermot & Associates /DfID Assessed governance and service delivery in Nepal
2015 Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (SDC) Assessed gender, social inclusion and livelihoods aspects during mid-term review of multi-stakeholder forestry programme (MSFP) of the government of Nepal funded by DfID, SDC and government of Finland.
2015 Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) Mapping of international partners’ assistance to promoting gender equality in political parties and representation of women in politics
2015 HELVETAS Facilitated an internal mid-term review of the Safer Migration Project
2015 ADB Nepal Assessed Gender Equality Results in south Asia Developing member Countries (Phase 2)
2015 SAMAGRA/Governance Facility Nepal Evaluated Partnership Programme implemented by Samagra
2015 Mokoro Ltd UK Evaluated, as part of the Country Evaluation Team, of Finland’s Country Strategy and Country Strategy Modality for Nepal
2015 ICIMOD Carried out baseline studies in Udaypur and Taplejung districts on climate adaptive practices in production of large cardamom and fresh vegetables
2015 CEAPRED/ICIMOD Value chain and market analysis of green vegetables in Udayapur district 
2015 UNOPS Baseline Survey for Establishing Women and Children Service Centre in Nepal Police
2015 The Asia Foundation Monitoring, evaluation, learning and capacity building strategy
2015 Mary Hobley& Associate Support to DFID Nepal International Consultants for Governance & Service Delivery Review
2015 Nepal Health Service Support Programme (NHSSP)/MoHP Evaluation of the pilot SSU and to support MoHP in developing a road map for SSUs particularly in NHSSP-III
2014-2015 NHSSP/MoHP/Options-DfID Social Audit Process evaluation in selected districts 
2014 NHSSP/MoHP /DFID Developed a monitoring and reporting system for the Ministry of Health and other actors for gender-based violence control program supported through One Stop Crisis Management Centres (OCMCs) set up across 16 districts in Nepal. 
2014 Sankalpa/Network of professional women Research on participation of women in Constituent Assembly (CA) Election, 2013 election
2014 UNDP/MEDEP Impact Study on Empowerment of Women, Dalits, Indigenous Nationalities and Other Hard-Core Poor through Micro-Enterprise Development 
2014 Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, The Philippines Establishing Women and Children Service Centres Baseline Study for Women and Children Service Centers, Nepal
2014 The World Bank/Washington DC Primary Qualitative Research on Gender and Energy Infrastructure Economic and Sector Work Research
2014 CAED/Nepal Evaluation of Women Reproductive Rights Programme, Phase III in 5 districts 
2014 Micro- Enterprise Development programme (MEDEP) Impact Study on Empowerment of Women, Dalit, Indigenous nationalities and other hardcore poor through Micro-enterprise development programme
2014 Employment Fund/SDC Access to skills training of women- documentation and lesson learned 
2012 OddarMeancheyProincial Government, Cambodia/EU Evaluation of EU funded project entitled “Local Authorities and Civil Society in partnership for Sustainable Land Use to end Poverty”
2012 The World Bank Group Nepal Client Perception Survey
2012 Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) Nepal Baseline survey in Banke, Kailali and Kanchanpur districts in line with their project logical framework indicators and monitoring matrix
2012 NHSSP/DfID&MoHP Nepal Study of Free Health Services and Subsidy Provisions in Koshi, Very and Bharatpur Hospitals
2012 NHSSP/DfID&MoHP Nepal Organization assessment of National Health Training Centre from gender and social inclusion perspective
2012 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Particip GmbH Evaluation of the international support to the peace process in Nepal 2006-2011 to which Denmark has contributed
2012 International Fund for Agriculture Development, Rome  Country Program Evaluation
2012 RVWRMP/Finnida Impact of Cooperatives in rural water resource management project
2012 Royal Danish Embassy/Kathmandu Evaluation of DANIDA Support
2012 EU/EREC-P End of project evaluation of eye care program implemented by Eastern Region Eye Care Program
2011-2012 Europeon Union, Particip GmbH Evaluation of the Commission of the European Union’s co-operation with Nepal (2000-2010)
2011-2013 ESP/DfID Nepal Cluster evaluation of ESF-SIAF supported projects
2011 ZOA Refugee Care Netherlands/Cambodia/EU/PSO Evaluation of EU funded project entitled “Providing an ‘oasis of security’ amid volatility” and Evaluation of PSO funded project “Cambodia Capacity Building Project
2011 UMN/Tear, the Netherlands  Evaluation of Enterprise Development Program
2011 ECPACT Luxemburg  Evaluation of Partners’ programs in Nepal
2011 STPP/GIZ  Baseline study in selected project locations
2010-2011 International Finance Corporation/SEDF   Baseline Survey of Poultry Sector in Nepal
2010-2011 MFSC, SDC, LFP/DfID Impact Study on GESI, livelihoods and capital formation of Community Forestry
2010 GON, DFID & The World Bank, ESP/DFID Sectoral Perspectives on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: Making it Happen, Gender and Social exclusion Assessment (GSEA) Update (Health, Education, WATSAN, Forestry, Rural Infrastructure, Agriculture, Irrigation)
2000-2004 EU, Irish Aid, Refugee Care Netherland and Ratanakiri Provincial Government of Cambodia Evaluation of rural community infrastructure, income/livelihoods promotion, local capacity building projects
1997-2006 CIDA, World Bank, DFID and DANIDA, SwissContact, ILO Nepal, IRIS Centre, University of Maryland/the WB, SDC, and NDI  Peace & Conflict Impact Assessment of all Canadian Programs in Nepal; Gender and Social Exclusion Analysis in Education and Health; Output to Purpose Review of the Freed Kamaiya Food Security Project; Impact study of Training and Development; Social and Gender Audit of the Livelihoods and Forestry Program; Public Attitude Survey on the Nepal Police; Review of a new Draft National Industrial Policy for Nepal; Policy gap analysis of Micro-and-Small-Enterprises; An Assessment of the Impact of Decentralization on the Poor; Review of fiscal decentralization policy and policy studies on fiscal management; A Study on Combating Rural Public Works Corruption in Nepal; Evaluation of Small Industries Promotion Project; Evaluation of country integrity programs and Women Candidates Training Program
1997-2009 NSMP/DFID, ReRe, ILRA, and FSRP –GIZ and Training Need Assessment of central and district Offices of Election Commission of Nepal (ECN/ESP/ UNDP)” Carried out baseline studies


Project Design and Implementation Support

Year Client Name Title of the Assignment
2019 ADB/NRM Technical support to the Nepal Resident Mission (NRM) in a range of gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) mainstreaming activities
2018-2019 SDC, GESI Working Group, IDPG Update and Revise the Common GESI Framework of the IDPG
2018-2019 DFID GESI in the MEL design of the resilience portfolio of DFID on an intermittent basis for a five-year program
2018-2019 JICA Nepal Develop GESI Guidance Notes for JICA Nepal 
2017-2018 NRM/ADB Mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) approaches in its portfolio
2017 World Food Programme GESI analysis for mainstreaming in CSP 2018-22
2015 Child Fund Japan (CFJ) Development of projects with M&E systems on children issues focusing on education in Ramechhap, Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha districts for three partner NGOs
2014 Community Based Flood and Glacial Lake Outburst Risk Reduction Project (CFGORRP) Workshop on Strategic Team Building 
2014 Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) Facilitate a planning workshop and Prepare the DIPD Projects Documents 
2012-2013 Royal Danish Embassy, Inclusive Growth Program in Nepal (UNNATI), Kathmandu Program formulation support
2012-2013 Royal Danish Embassy, Kathmandu Growth and Employment Program Nepal – Program formulation
2011-2013 Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) Implementation of Joint Mechanism for Political Party Support (JOMPOPS].
2012-2013 NEAT/USAID  Agro Enterprise Curricula Implementation in 14 districts and Kathmandu Valley
2009-2010 ARD/USAID Capacity building on gender, inclusion, peace and good governance in local planning and programming, USAID/Nepal Government Citizen Partnership Program (NGCPP) in Morang District
  • Swisscontact, Bangladesh: 
  • UNCDF, Bangladesh: Developed performance tracking system of Union Parishads.
  • South Asia Enterprise Development Facility/IFC Bangladesh: 
  • ADB/Manila, Pakistan: 
  • DFID Bangladesh.
  • Developed logframe, monitoring and evaluation system including software and a manual, support staff in partnership building with BDS-providers. 
  • Developed strategy and logframes, provided training, coaching and mentoring support, piloted an M&E System based on the Program Logic Model (PLM), and undertook project reviews and impact assessment.
  • Undertook appraisal of the Sindh (Province) Coastal and Inland Community Development Project and designed civil works integrity system for the project.
  • Supported in preparation of Investors in People Action Plan, strategy for Partners in Health and Development, mainstreaming diversity and Improving working relations; institutional restructuring of ECOTA Forum and BAS Centre
  • UNOPS/UNDP, South Africa: 
  • Independent Business Enhancement Centre (IBEC), South Africa:
  • Prepared Rural Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Strategy and Implementation Plan for Ntsika, Department of Trade & Industry. 
  • Supported organization development and prepared ‘Agro-enterprise Start-up Training’ packages and manual
  • Nepal Rastra Bank and the World Bank 
  • UNFPA Nepal 
  • Election Commission Nepal ((joint funding of Australian Embassy, DFID, SDC, NEDA and DANIDA)
  • Management Contract of Nepal Bank Ltd. (jointly with Bank of Scotland and IBTCI, USA)
  • Country Program Development of UNFPA Nepal Country Programme Action Plan of Sixth Country Cycle
  • Management support for the project and its partner organizations on a wide range of functional areas and organization development 
  • Management support to planning and implementation of the General Election-1996